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Message From the Director

31 Jan
Amelia Kisakye Kyambadde

Message From the Director

Education is the best gift you can give anyone. Finding a school that offers holistic training is not easy to come by. Seroma Christian High school was started to help the community as that is the smallest gift we can give. For sustainability, we must collect school fees. But if you visit here and see the smiles of the over 1,600 students we have, you feel good. As a mother and businesswoman, I feel proud with the kind of interventions we are making.

Our school offers holistic education. We make sure that we provide education to nurture the heart, the brain and the hands. We believe that since the students spend most of their time at school, we have to act as their parents. Each teacher is attached to a maximum of thirty children, they have to know how they are doing academically, emotionally, follow up on their requirement because these are critical areas for a child to succeed. Any normal person with these areas may succeed academically but also you may have others who are challenged emotionally who need to be helped.

We have the spiritual aspect which is well known. We are born again Christians and have put up in place structures that empower our children to have their spiritual life nurtured, we try to interact externally in that you can’t work as one, you can run as one to a certain distance but if you are together you run further. We have associations we interact with like British council, externally we have partnerships in UK and German where we believe their experience in technology and sciences is advanced. Our school has a partnership with one of the best schools in sciences in German where we send our students and teachers to have an experience of a life time. Their students and teachers also come here in Uganda to visit our school. We have also moved to improve on the arts subjects; we are trying to build a team of both teachers and students who are exposed. We go ahead to train our teachers because at the end of the day they are the ones who instill knowledge and skills to our children.

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