About Us

About Us

Being part of the global hub for Christ-centered education and services would be a great opportunity for a student to explore one’s full potential in all sectors of life.

Seroma was ranked among the nine four-star schools in Uganda according to the 2009 Ministry of Education and Sports ranking of private secondary schools.

Our school aims at developing the whole person. We provide equal opportunity to all.

In keeping the school’s mission to equip Christ-centered, self-motivated and skilled emerging leaders through quality education, the school endeavours to provide programmes having considered the final out come.

Within the eight years, the school has witnessed phenomenal growth and development in the numbers of students and staff, expansion in facilities and improved academic performance.

We provide a carefully assembled package that includes the academics, co- curricular and the Christian social life well guided by our qualified staff. Our Christian and result-oriented approach to issues has proved appropriate.
While many of our students have been absorbed in the universities in Uganda, others have joined international universities beyond the boarders. They have excelled.

We take great pride in the strength, ability and diversity of our students, the cooperation of our parents and the commitment of our management and staff.

We are internationally connected under the Global School Partnership Program through the British Council. So far, so much has been achieved especially in the areas of exposure and information exchange.

To face our current challenges and future projections, we have developed a five year strategic plan which outlines our strategic direction. Come to be part of us.

Our School Anthem


The years ahead are bright with the might to fight and win,

We are committed for a mark never to be erased,

SEROMA Christian High School for Christ we’ll stand,

Love to share and shape we are heads but not tails,

We serve the Eternal Redeemer with words and deeds obediently,

We motivate and avail ourselves,

Forever we shall fear God.


I pledge allegiance to the LORD Jesus Christ and to His Word. I pledge allegiance to the National Motto, the National Flag, and the National Constitution. As a student of SEROMA CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL, I pledge allegiance to the school vision and motto, to be the head and not the tail. I will strive for academic excellence, and moral uprightness. I commit myself to the Joseph Generation Vision, to spearhead Africa’s transformation. In that regard, I pledge to abstain from sex until marriage, to be faithful during marriage, and to lead with integrity, humility, and to becoming a leader that Uganda will be proud of. So help me God.